Store Credit

Earning Store Credit

We offer a 2% store credit on any purchase(s). As soon as you make a purchase, any balance that is actually paid earns you an automatic 2% in-store credit. The credit is awarded in the form of Reward Points.

Your Reward Point balance can be used at any time or saved for later use.

Every product in our store has a Reward Point value that you earn when purchased.

For example, the stamp shown to the right is worth 24 points when purchased.

At anytime, you can view your points in the Reward Points sidebox on the right of your screen. When items are added to your cart, the point values will be displayed. You will also be able to see how many points you have in your account. 

Pending points are simply points you receive once an order has been placed. Once payment is processed they will become Earned Points.

Note: Shipping costs and taxes do not count towards store credit.

Rewards Point System ExplainedRewards Point System ExplainedRewards Point System Explained
Here are some examples to demonstrate how the system works.
Example 1:

Purchase of $100
Shipping of $5
Store Credit earned: 200 points = $2.00
(Purchase price x 2%) 
Example 2:

Purchase of $100
Shipping cost of $5
Store Credit of 200 points is redeemed
Store Credit earned: 180 points
(Purchase price - store credit redeemed * 2%)

Redeeming Store Credit

On Step 2 - Payment Information of the checkout process, simply check the box in the Rewards Points section to redeem points for the order.

Rewards Point System Explained

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