#565 Summer Swirl

This adorable stamp is part of the Animal of the Year Collection 2014.

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WRS #340 Antoine at Postbox

  • Clear Stamp Set
Antoine has some Christmas cards to deliver, but he is a bit too small to reach the postbox easily..luckily he got some help from his faithful dog and a robin too. This is a great classic image for a Christmas card.

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WRS #339 Antoine and Tree

  • Clear Stamp Set
Time to decorate the tree outside and Antoine again has some help from the garden robin..we're not sure whether his dog is helping or just playing with the baubles!

Try adding coloured gems to the baubles on the tree, and glitter to the star, it will help bring this lovely image to life.

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WRS #264 Hanging Gifts

This stamp is a lovely way to evoke the spirit of Christmas, with little gifts, lots of snow to highlight with glitter, and cute animals too.

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WRS #261 Annabelle with Gifts

This classic image with presents is ideal for Christmas. You could also use it with contemporary colours to make winter birthday cards, if you like.

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WRS #341 Building a Snowman

  • Clear Stamp Set
Antoine and Annabelle are outside building a snowman..he looks very cheery....but now Antoine looks like he wants to start a snowball-throwing contest! This image will fill your cards with festive fun.

Do not forget to add lots of beautiful snow-white glitter to Annabelles fluffy coat trimming!

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WRS #260 Feeding Robins

Annabelle looks after the robins in their birdhouse, which is festooned with holly and ribbons. Her enormous hat is just asking to be covered with glitter or flock, and her dress will look great in a rich colour to contrast with the snow.

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IO #10 Door and Window

This is a US-made steel die compatible with most table-top die cutting machines.

The door measures 7/8" x 2-1/8" and the window measures 3/4" x 7/8".

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Boho #240 Hippie Tilda

This adorable stamp is part of the BOHO COLLECTION 2015.

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