WRS #230 Circle Greetings

Clear Stamp Set


These vintage-style circle greetings feature scripted fonts, dots and leafy details. They're a lovely way to add greetings to your cards, and easy too.

Each circle measures approximately a little over one in diameter.

  • Thank you
  • Thinking of you
  • For You
  • Good Luck
  • Just a Note
  • Best Wishes

Perfect for every occasion

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WRS #241 Tilly with Flowers

Clear Stamp Set


Tilly is a cute little dog that is sure to melt your heart. Here she is holding a beautiful bunch of roses. A 'Best Wishes' greeting is included, but you can use this for so many occasions, you're bound to reach for this design again and again.

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WRS #221 New Baby

Clear Stamp Set


The new Annabelle's Meadow range is exclusive to Wild Rose Studio. The delicate floral theme is perfect for beautiful nostalgic cards.

This stamp is a lovely way to welcome a new arrival into the world. Create a 3D look by decoupaging the pram basket and wheels. Round with an embossing tool for a more natural shape.

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WRS #291 Annabelle with Lambs

Annabelle with Lambs

Clear Stamp Set


It's springtime and the lambs are bouncing in the fields...Here Annabelle is tending to them, checking they're all well and having some wooly cuddles at the same time.

You could add a little glitter to the flowers on Annabelle's hat and the daisies in the meadow. Also, try adding some frosted accents or snow effect accents to the lambs to look like wool.

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WRS #292 Bunny Hopping

With a hop, skip and a jump, this bunny will leap into your heart..especially with that lovely bunch of flowers to deliver. Great for birthdays, Easter, or just cards for people who like cute bunnies! (and we think there must be quite a few of those..)

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WRS #293 Bunnies on Present

Bunnies aren't just for Easter, they're for all year round with this lovely image.

With that enormous present, it's great for birthdays - but since there are two bunnies cuddling up, you could also use it for anniversaries or 'i love you' type of romantic cards, birthday cards, or even same-gender wedding congratulations cards.

Try colouring the spots on the present with pearly pen to make them stand out. Then, if you like, accent the ribbon with something different - like Glossy Accents, glitter, or by decoupaging it - to make it look really 3D and interesting.

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WRS #294 Bunny with Cake

That cake looks delicious - we're sorry we can't bring it to life for you, but we're sure it will look good enough to eat when you're finished!

Try adding Glossy Accents to the cherry, or even all of the chocolate icing, to make it look shiny. The buttercream filling would look great with glitter added on top.

Don't forget that you can alter the colour scheme to match your card - so the icing could be strawberry pink or lemon yellow. Perhaps you'd like a jam filling instead of buttercream? Or a chocolate cake with pink icing? The possibilities are endless - but all this talk of cake certainly makes us feel like reaching for the cake tin.

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WRS #295 Bunny with Flowers

What a beautiful bunch of flowers! This bunny has a magnificent bouquet and this image will look stunning on your cards. Try adding gloss, pearl gems or glitter to the flower centres, and another texture to the flower packaging (like pearly Sakura pen) to bring the image to life.

If you have flock, white FlowerSoft, snow effect accents, or even a small piece of cotton wool - try adding a bit to the bunny's tail.

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WRS #296 Dad Balloons

Clear Stamp Set


No prizes for guessing who this stamp is for! Ideal for Father's Day or birthday cards for Dad, of course. The balloons are fun to colour in and you can easily accessorise the presents and tie with the same colours so your style shines out from the card.

Try adding Glossy Accents to the balloons to give them a realistic looking curve and shine.

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